I called the California special needs law group in a panic. My son was being threatened to be expelled from school against his rights. Rights that I was unfamiliar with. Not only did Mr. Isaacs call me back THE SAME night, he taught me about the rights my son had and that were being violated. He assured me that he would do everything he could to protect my son’s education. From the first phone call we had, I knew he cared. It didn't take long at all and Mr. Isaacs’ extensive knowledge paid off. My son was welcomed back to school with accommodations for the time he had to miss. This was an investment that we weren't sure we were going to be able to afford, but after the results, we are SO happy we found Mr. Isaacs and I wish I had more to give to him. Thank you for protecting our son, and getting him back where he belongs, no amount of money is too much to protect our children. You have been amazing, our family is still counting our blessings for you! Thank you!!

The Ryan family

2. We finally hit wits end with our son’s school in September 2011. We knew we needed help as we were getting nowhere on our own. We contacted Richard Isaacs on the recommendation of close family who had worked with him in the past with great success. Richard has been a tremendous help to us. The biggest help has been in reduced stress levels for our whole family, we can now focus on the family instead of fighting the school daily. We were overwhelmed because our son’s school wouldn't follow his I.E.P. and our son was changing into a very frustrated young man. He went from being an honor roll student with a zest for life to failing almost every class, being angry, bitter, and just hating life. Richard has been there helping us through everything. I can't put into words just how much of a blessing Richard has been to our family. He realized our son’s potential and has done everything in his power to ensure our boy gets the help he truly needs. With Mr. Isaacs’ help we've been able to get the help that was needed and have seen a vast improvement in our son. We still are working with Mr. Isaacs and are very confident in his ability to see us through till the end.

Jesse and Tina
El Mirage, CA

“You have done all this and more. You are a true blessing for us. Richard Isaacs is a competent, highly knowledgeable, compassionate and non-discriminatory attorney.  My family and I felt comfortable communicating our needs to him. Richard Isaacs educated my family in many rights and services that we were not aware my child was entitled to. We are pleased with the dedication he put into our case. Most importantly, my child has excelled, due to the time and advocacy Richard put into my child's case. We would highly recommend him to our family and friends." 

Visalia, CA

"In January of 2009, Richard Isaacs began working on my son's case.  From the very beginning, he was very professional, yet personable.  He cared about our individual situation.  Rich was very knowledgeable in his field, and was able to educate me on the laws and procedures.  As a result, I always felt well-prepared and confident going into meetings.  Whenever I was in doubt, he was always reassuring, and was able to follow through with his words and achieve our goals.  Rich is well-spoken, and always able to achieve these goals in a non-threatening, respectful manner.  He not only gained my respect, but the respect of all parties involved.  He was reliable and prompt in all aspects, such as responding to my questions, e-mails, and filing paperwork.  Rich truly exceeded all of my expectations.  He gave us hope, and was more than what I could have asked for.  I highly recommend Richard Isaacs without any reservations."

Costa Mesa, CA

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my son. Your insight, empathy, and validation helped me to cope through the struggle of dealing with our school district. Your concise planning and follow through gave me reassurance that my son’s best interest was in mind and his needs would be met. Your help provided him the opportunity to successfully complete the school year.
Thank you.

Folsom, CA

“When I first spoke with Richard I knew he would be the one to help my son. I had been working with the school district in finding programs as well as implementing the right IEP that would assist my son in reaching goals that would help him increase his skills in reading and writing.  The school district was not implementing a well thought out IEP for years.  My son was becoming more and more behind and acting out with frustration. The school district rather than helping him tried to put my son in a continuation school. I desperately was seeking for good legal counsel and luckily was able to find Richard Isaacs. Not only is Richard knowledgeable but he is passionate in helping families with the fairness of an appropriate education plan. Most attorneys were short with me while Richard took the time to listen to my son’s experiences with his school district.  In five months Richard was able to establish a well thought out IEP, a behavior plan and a substantial settlement. My son is doing very well and I thank Richard for being a wonderful and caring Attorney.”

San Diego, CA