Affordable Representation

CSNLG was created specifically to provide excellent legal services at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, many families find it financially difficult to hire an attorney to represent their child’s educational interests. In these instances, most parents have little choice but to face their child’s school district alone and self-advocate for the “appropriate” educational program. Regrettably, parents who follow this path generally receive an inferior educational placement and services for their child.
CSNLG takes a more reasonable approach to fees. It is our policy to:
  1. Hold a free consultation with potential clients to listen to their concerns and determine if we can help.
  2. Charge a low initial fee to begin our representation which includes obtaining and reviewing your child’s educational records, performing a complete case assessment and discussing with you the legally viable issues of the case.
  3. Charge a low hourly rate for our services with cost estimates at each stage of representation.
  4. Provide an array of payment plans to fit each family’s financial situation.
We believe that obtaining legal counsel should not add financial stress to your already complicated life. Please contact us for further information.